Engagement Models

In a global market, companies have diverse needs. We understand the value of multiple engagement models for different phases of project. At Tekskills, we have crafted and adapted regular delivery models to fit in with unique client specific business needs. Our client engagement models ensure speedy, client-friendly and cost-effective solutions that allow us to differentiate from regular IT companies in the business.

We have capabilities in the following areas:

Project Based Fixed Price Model

Implementation based delivery model that adopts a consultative approach towards project management, offering phased delivery and payment methods according to pre-determined milestones. The advantage this model offers is that payment and deliverables can be defined and agreed upon prior to each phase according to client needs, so that budgeting and time estimation becomes transparent.

In this particular engagement model, the following standard steps are followed for each phase of the project: requirements gathering, blue printing, development/ implementation, testing and documentation.

Resource Based Time and Material (T&M) Model

This model offers clients, dedicated Tekskills’ resources on a time and material basis. If the client wants to utilize the resources with a flexible delivery schedule entirely controlled by the client, Tekskills will be able to provide the necessary dedicated technical resources utilizing the time and material based model. The client will be charged according to person hours utilized and any other special hardware/software /infrastructure requirements that are provided during project execution.

Partnership Based Model

Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Model

Tekskills will build and manage an off-shore unit per the client requirements. Tekskills will also offer a host of other services to facilitate smooth transfer of the Tekskills unit into a client development center. Tekskills will stay with the client till the unit gets absorbed and becomes part of the client organization.

Joint Venture Model

Tekskills' JV model, where we combine our client's domain knowledge and our technology skills to form a win-win partnership, is perfect model for long term engagements with product development clients.

Alternative Engagement Model

Traditional IT projects are based either on fixed prices basis or on T&M basis. Alternative Engagement models are essentially linking cost of services to total value derived from such services. They are flexible enough to take various forms depending upon client’s requirements and nature of the engagement. Some of the drivers for alternative engagement models are:

  • Align IT costs with business volumes or value delivered
  • Cater to fluctuating business demands
  • Share the project risks with the vendor/service provider

Case Study For SAP Apparel Footwear Solution

Background :

Customer is a $2.4 billion global footwear company with more than 1,100 Famous Footwear stores selling more than 100 million pairs of shoes around the world each year through its partnerships with department stores, national chains, independent retailers and Internet sales. They deliver top quality products by utilizing world-class sourcing and product...Read more

development organizations, extensive research into marketplace and consumer insights and collaborative relationships with both leading retailers and manufacturers of footwear.


In its continued efforts to reinvent itself with the changing markets forces, in mid-2008, Company decided to replace its existing home-grown and third-party applications with the SAP Business Suite. The company decided to utilize SAP’s industry-specific solution, SAP® Apparel and Footwear Solution for Consumer Products package, to help manage its supply chain. The company also selected the Business Objects business intelligence solutions from SAP to help close the loop between business strategy and execution. The company decided to utilize this tightly integrated solution to collectively address the organization’s business needs and to enable company to meet its long-term growth and strategic expectations while remaining customer focused.

"The anticipated multi-year implementation of the SAP ERP application is an integral step in company’s efforts to create an interconnected business model and leverage our inter-company synergies to better meet the needs of our customers,” said Chairman and CEO of the Company. “As a proven, scalable operating platform, SAP is expected to be a key enabler toward reaching our strategic goals of becoming the leading fashion footwear marketer."

As part of the on-going efforts towards effective governance, including enterprise risk management, transparency, accountability, and optimized performance Company initiated the deployment of the SAP Business Objects Governance Risk and Compliance solution (SAP GRC). The objective of this initiative was to address proactive performance management across the enterprise with risk-balanced strategy management, and risk-based controls embedded in business process areas ranging from financial to human resources, environmental to trade management.

Resolution :

Tekskills joined the implementation team at a critical juncture of the SAP GRC implementation when the existing SAP Security/GRC resource had to withdraw from the engagement. Our Principal Consultant took up the critical responsibility of validating the infrastructure and technical design of the overall SAP security and the GRC 5.3 Access Control Suite. In a very short time Tekskills helped the Company to optimize the architecture based on SAP best practices, completed GRC integration, development, testing and implementation plans. Our resources worked closely with the customers IT and Business teams to implement RAR and SPM for HCM (including ESS, MSS, and WFM), FI, and BI. Landscapes for their global environment that supports ~12K users. With Tekskills assistance, the customer will be shortly completing its implementation of GRC RAR 5.3 (CUP & ERM) interfaced with identity management (Net Weaver IDM 7.1).

Outcome :

Tekskills has been able to assist the company in completing the implementation of the SAP Security and GRC on time and in budget. Tekskills was able to hit the ground running with its highly skilled and experienced resources and delivered superior service with on-time delivery, initial set-back notwithstanding. Tekskills engagement with customer for providing SAP Security and GRC expertise has concluded. However, the overall implementation of SAP still continues. Our resources have received accolades from the customer for their excellent services and adherence to schedules and have been requested to render services again for subsequent activities in the areas of SAP security and GRC.

Posted On Oct 17, 2015

A Case study about Bulk Upload tool for Healthcare

Background :

Our Client is a healthcare service provider located in Hyderabad, India. Our client aims to provide healthcare services at actual cost...Read more

Business Need:

As part of providing affordable healthcares services, our client collects huge amounts of socio-economic and family-demographic data about the patients they serve. This data collection process was a manual one and hence cumbersome. Our client approached Tekskills to build an automated tool that can be used by the customer to upload multiple documents into a Directory. These documents were to be placed within different subdirectories of a root folder (working directory) and the subdirectories were to be named based on a specific identifier. Upon uploading these documents into a SharePoint List, specific permissions needed to be attached to each document based on subdirectory name.

Solution Summary :

After thorough analysis of the client requirements, Tekskills team came up with a solution for building a custom .NET application to facilitate bulk document upload and migration process. The interface included an option to browse for the working directory (under the physical path) and select a SharePoint List from the website to which the documents could be uploaded. Within a list one could also create a folder to which documents could be uploaded. A new list item was created for each subdirectory name (present within the working directory) and all the documents present within the same subdirectory would be uploaded as an attachment against the list item. Also an error logging mechanism was integrated to allow easy tracking of generated errors and warnings.

The application gathers patient data and stores the details in a database. Some of the details include:

  • Capture all socio-economic and family related details and save into different tables.
  • Capture person thumb impression from device and store it in a database.
  • A person already existing in the database provides their thumb impression, details of that person should be retrieved from the database and displayed on the form
  • Some of the forms include:
    • Main Form, Enrollment form, Family Details, Socio Economic Details, Nutrition and Healthcare Details, Water Sanitation Details etc.
Technical Details :

A windows application with its corresponding installer was developed and delivered to the customer. The application has 4 different tabs:

Home :This tab is used for the document migration/ uploading process. From here one needs to specify a SharePoint website URL, a working directory physical path and then needs to choose a destination within SharePoint for the document migration. The destination can be a List or any sub-folder within a List. Once the process gets started, the progress is notified using a progress bar and a status message gets displayed on completion of the process.

Settings :This tab consists of some vital information stored within the configuration file which is used during the actual document migration process. The information mainly includes the security permission settings which are mapped with the document.

Error Log:This tab is basically meant for providing the customer with flexibility to view the application related errors generated during the migration process. The error logs can be further filtered by Error Type and Error Date.

Help :This tab includes screenshots of the application: Home Screen, Settings Screen, Error Log Screen to help customer navigate the application.

Outcome :

This automated migration tool helped the customer achieve bulk migration of files / documents in to SharePoint List and thus avoid the manual document upload and permission mapping process.

Posted On Oct 21, 2016

Case Study for Energy Industry


Our Customer is a diversified energy company, its subsidiaries and affiliates are involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as energy management and other energy-related services. Its seven electric utility operating companies comprise the nation’s fifth largest investor-owned electric system, serving 4.5 million...Read more

customers within 36,100 square miles of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey; and its generation subsidiaries control more than 14,000 megawatts of capacity.


Challenges were faced in areas of collecting and delivering data to those who need it. Executives need financial and operational reports to make decisions; sales teams need customer statistics, production data, and team sales data. Customer service needs access to customer data, production data, etc. Customers need access to invoices, delivery data, and account data. Customer access to data is another challenging area. Security is always an issue, as the outside world is now viewing our corporate data.

Resolution :

Tekskills developed executive dashboards that integrated data from SAP and non SAP systems, and sales dashboards that allowed sales managers to keep track on their team’s progress. In addition to just displaying data, the portal can be used as a source of applications to collect data. In a pilot to extend the portal to external users, we utilized SSL VPN a reverse proxy system with additional security software configuration abilities, to shield unwanted users from accessing the corporate network.

Tekskills implemented external web servers that communicated to applications servers inside the corporate firewall via secure pinholes. Real time data is important for customers. They wish to see details on an order just placed to verify quantities, or they want to see the status of invoices, or product delivery progress. Utilizing Java and SAP BAPI/ RFCs, real time delivery of data has been implemented. We have customized applications to retrieve order, invoice, and delivery data. Documents created in SAP can also be retrieved via the web by streaming the output document PDF to the customer. It benefited the customers by allowing them to have the exact document from SAP system at the time of their choosing.

Outcome :

Through SAP integration tools, data has been delivered efficiently to those who need it. The SAP Portal has effectively delivered reports from BI and other data sources to provide a consolidated view of the business. Product line managers are able to make decisions more accurately and timely delivery of data has also been increased. Applications deployed in the portal has allowed plant managers to judge progress of contract employees and reconcile expenses as work is performed instead of invoicing at project completion. Customers can now get information round the clock to operate their business. The easy access to data is a convenience for customers and off loads the data retrieval and delivery task from customer service resources so they can devote their time for other customer needs.

Posted On Oct 17, 2016

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