Network and Security

Tekskills provides innovative and value added Network Services across technology and product domains to enterprises worldwide, based on a flexible project delivery model and packaged services.

Tekskills networking offers consulting, solution design, implementation and integration. We have partnered with Cisco, a leading technology solution provider for networking and communication infrastructure.

We offer two levels of remote monitoring and network infrastructure management, across multiple vendor platforms – including CISCO, HP ProCurve, Juniper and Packeteer. With both our standard and premium Network Operation Centre (NOC) services, you get 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year.

Data Networks Local Area Network (LAN) Management

Local Area Network management covers support and maintenance of end-to-end LAN infrastructure comprising of devices such as switches, firewalls, load balancers and monitoring of the LAN infrastructure.

Our product support includes: TDM (time-division multiplexing) and IP (internet protocol) telephony, Routers, Ethernet switches, Firewalls, VPN devices, Wireless LAN. With our standard NOC monitoring, we monitor your network remotely, 24/7, 365 days a year and alert your IT staff when we detect a failure. With this service level, you maintain your own internal network infrastructure. We also proactively manage your network assets, respond to alarms when we detect them and work to restore the service with minimal effect on your business.

Wide Area Network Management

WAN management covers the provision of circuits, connectivity management, support and maintenance of end-to-end WAN, MAN, Internet, MPLS, P2P links, infrastructure comprising of devices such as Routers, ISP equipment, WAN accelerators, Link Encryptions, VPN concentrators and monitoring of the WAN infrastructure.

Wireless Data Network Management

Wireless network management covers the support and maintenance of end-to-end Wireless data network infrastructure comprising of devices like wireless routers, Wireless access points, Wireless network adapter and monitoring of WLAN infrastructure.

Voice Networks

This Network Service covers end-to-end support and maintenance of Voice/VoIP systems infrastructure comprises a host of devices and systems such as PBX, Call manager, Voice mail server, and call billing system, Unity systems, call managers and monitoring of Voice and VoIP network infrastructure.


Security breaches in security systems can result in adverse impacts on your organisation – as well as the community and economy at large. Organizations are increasingly at risk and many do not have the resources to manage security internally. If your organisation needs a high level of enterprise wide security, Tekskills can work with you to ensure you have a secure and stable network. Tekskills offers a wide range of security services and solutions across multiple technologies and vendors, designed to protect your voice and data networks.

Some of the key security offerings: Virtual private network (VPN) solutions, Security policy development, Threat assessment analysis, Intrusion detection, Access protection, Security management and monitoring.

Cloud Advisory Services
  • Identify potential cloud computing deployment models (Private, Public, Hybrid) for targeted applications and development.
  • Assess and recommend the optimal cloud solution set
  • Define target-state architecture to achieve IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service model goals
  • Formulate cloud strategy, policy and standards
  • Build architecture of cloud-enabled applications
Cloud Deployment and Migration Service
  • Utilize architecture outputs from Advisory Services to migrate cloud-ready applications and data to cloud environment
  • Remediate and optimize applications for cloud
  • Test applications and dependent systems for cloud-readiness
Cloud Development and Assurance Service
  • Migration of in-house applications to IaaS and PaaS Cloud platform
  • Governance, SLA and performance metric design
  • Performance and functionality testing of cloud-based applications
Cloud Environment Build and Management Service
  • Management of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS components
  • Ensure stability, scalability, SLAs, security and monitoring of cloud environments through pro-active management
  • Shared governance of technology, business and application standards
  • Managed services for a cloud environment
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)
Disaster Recovery Cloud Service
  • End-to-end disaster recovery service, managed by Tekskills
  • Host-based, native RDBMS and native storage replication services
  • Service management for 24/7 operations
  • Recovery capability at a lower TCO

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