Smart City Asset Managment System


Commercial solar panel arrays can typically range from 10K watts up to and beyond 100K watts. That requires anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet of solar panels. It will be very challenging to inspect even the smallest commercial solar panel array. Maintenance technicians must travel to the specific array inspect each panel. Which is time consuming and cumbersome. Solar power plants need to be monitored for optimum power output. This helps retrieve efficient power output from power plants while monitoring for faulty solar panels, connections, dust accumulated on panels lowering output and other such issues affecting solar performance. As Internet of Things (IoT) drives innovation and bridges the gap between technology and traditional manufacturing, developers continue to innovate new products that streamline the condition monitoring process. By monitoring users can isolate and identify arrays that may have incurred damage after strong winds, pinpointing which panels need immediate attention. This helps to increase maintenance efficiency and reduce labor costs. As a global leader in IOT services and solutions, our engineers have proposed and built a new system that allows Plant/Maintenance & Energy managers to monitor fields of solar arrays from a single command center. Our system constantly monitors the solar panel and transmits the power output to IOT system over the internet.

Key Features:

  • Power output Management
  • Faulty solar panel Management
  • Connections/Network Management
  • Dust accumulation/Output Management
  • Panel positioning/movement Management. etc.


Effectively manage new and Aging water infrastructure Water Management. Monitor your entire water infrastructure in real time. Data collected from multiple sources for integrated view that enables rapid coordinated action. Analytical tools generate real time alerts. Your teams can monitor the entire infrastructure from command center.

Monitor the following in real time:

  • Water Distribution Management.(Smart Meters).
  • Water Loss & Leak Detection and preventive Maintenance
  • Water Quality Management.
  • Water Network Management
  • Storm Water management & Urban Flooding
  • Energy & Process Management

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